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Baseball Is The Only Sport On Earth Where You Can Fail 7 Out Of 10 Times And Still Blame The Manager (Starting 9 Episode 010)

On Tuesday we talked about Joe Maddon's hot seat and now today we eulogize his time with the Angels. Arguably the quickest hot seat in recorded history if you really think about it. And sounds like he had no idea it was coming based on reports? Tough situation across the board which we spend a lot of time talking about on today's Starting 9. Good insight from Jake considering he played and won a ton under Joe and knows how his clubs operate. Kinda funny to think just a few weeks ago they were in somebody's top 5 power rankings on the show. Feel free to talk that shit to him about it. 

In the meantime there's some big questions we try to tackle today. Like do team meetings actually work? What about after a bad loss? And what about after a manager or hitting coach gets fired? Like what does that shit actually do to a baseball team when the manager has such minimal influence on gameplay? 

It's interesting to consider as we move into that part of the schedule. A lot of teams are going into June thinking "we turn it around now or never" and I think you start to see the underwhelming teams improve. Squads with lofty projections that have underperformed first two months into the season. Keep your eyes peeled for some movers in June and you should be able to find some winners. 

Or don't. Just an idea. We're slinging them all summer long on Starting 9 which you can subscribe to here.