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"I Carry A Knife On Me At All Times Because You Never Know" Is Just About The Last Thing I'd Expect Someone To Say At The Local Waterpark

I can say a bunch of stuff about how you guys should check out today’s episode of Starting 9 or I can just show you the switch blade clip

The Water Park episode is officially off the rails. So much that even a man of my urban sensibilities is familiar enough with common weaponry to know that knife is not a traditional switch blade.

Nevertheless, I’m wise enough to let my guys go when they’re on a roll. Producer Colin? Not so much during this week’s award season. Hard to keep all the effective relievers straight on the Mets now that you have more than one or two suiting up. Listen to the show to get the full reference. Or don’t. I won’t let your clicks define me.

Would be nice to get ‘em though so don’t be bashful. You know where to subscribe.

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