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MLB Power Rankings + Joe West: Starting 9 Episode 004

Ep. 004 of Starting 9 is out and it’s a doozy. Austin may be weird but it’s Wi-Fi is shoddy at best.


In other news we give out power rankings bottom 5/top 5. I can’t spoil it so listen. Mets fans can calm down.

We introduce a new segment called Jake Explains where we take a random question from the audience about a random nuanced part of the game and Jake thoroughly explains the shit you wouldn’t know. This week we did minor league rehab starts when you’re an established big league veteran and it’s actually hilarious.

Also in honor of PGA Championship, this weeks stsrting9 lineup card is for guys you want to play golf with. I went heavy childhood heroes as you can likely expect from me at all times.

Mid show we’re joined by Joe West, relevant because he respects the shit out of Jake and it was cool to see two professionals go back and forth. Joe was a surprising guy in a lot of ways. His laugh is infectious. I seriously thought he was going to die when Jake confronted him with the story about his Weak Ass Shit. Also worth pointing Jake had his worst career numbers (min 5 starts) when Joe West umpired. Isn’t that some shit.

Go listen to the show and please subscribe in the relevant channels. Then unsubscribe and read scribe all over again please.