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Adam "Rone" Ferrone: Sixers In 6

Love it. Do I agree with it? For sure not. But I love it. Sure, this was recorded before the Sixers got embarrassed, again, in Game 2 in Miami, but it doesn't matter. Rone thinks the Sixers with Joel Hans Embiid returning in Game 3 could win two at home and make this bitch a new series. Cool beans. It would certainly be swell if the Sixers can avoid a 2nd round exit from the NBA playoffs for the 2800th season in a row. 

Hop on the First Time, Long Time express and share your grievances. We also go hard into the Eagles draft, Phillies being the Phillies, and the return of Center City SIPS. May God have mercy on all bro souls. We'll hang up and listen.