FULL VIDEO EPISODE: Jake Arrieta, NBA Playoffs And Monday Reading Is Back

NBA Playoffs are here and Kyrie put on an all time villain show in defeat. (00:03:15-00:10:40) We talk about all the Games from Saturday and Sunday including another Glen Taylor protestor. (00:10:42-00:34:30) Who's back of the week covering Baker Mayfield, Russell Wilson and more. (00:35:37-00:53:38) Jake Arrieta joins the show to talk about his career, pitchers mentality, pitching for his little league son, baseball in 2022 and tons more. (00:55:00-01:49:08) We finish with a Monday Reading "My Boyfriend is Digging a Giant hole in our backyard, should I be concerned?" (01:50:51-02:03:35)