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Hasbulla Gave Barstool One Of Our Best Ads Ever

Erika is in HQ this week talking all about the viral interview Caleb recorded with Hasbulla. She breaks down the ads behind it, and how it is one of the most successful ad integrations at Barstool. Later in the boardroom, she dives into the recent hires at HQ. PLUS, Erika chats with Food Networks’ Marc Murphy, who has been in Poland for 3 weeks, cooking meals for families at the Ukrainian-Poland border. He brings awareness to the situation in Ukraine, and urges donations to the World Central Kitchen to continue helping! And as always, we bring you the best Q&A of the week!

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 00:20 - Erika’s Boardroom
  • 09:17 - Hasbulla Sundae Conversation
  • 18:14 - Shoutout Cindy Eckert!
  • 22:09 - Marc Murphy
  • 39:21 - Q&A