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Bryce Harper Sits Down With First Time, Long Time And Is Shockingly Honest About Everything In Life

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Well that was fun. We were supposed to have Bryce stop by First Time, Long Time for a 10 to 20-min preview of these 2022 Philadelphia Phillies and he ended up shooting the shit for over an hour about all aspects of life. The honesty and genuineness is what came across the most. The man tells it like it is. No BS puff answers when talking about stuff like the Phillies and their farm system/draft picks, his courting process (or lack thereof) through free agency with teams like the White Sox and overall life in general. He even gives his real thoughts on Villanova which was absolutely hysterical to hear. But if there's anything to get from this sit-down, it would be this:

Bryce Harper is Philly and Philly is Bryce Harper.

And thank the Baseball Gods for that. Thanks to Bryce for hopping on and the people for tuning in please be sure to follow/sub/comment/love/hate with everything First Time, Long Time - HERE. We'll hang up and listen.