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Ben Simmons' Only Comment On Social In The Past 9 Months Was Made Late Last Night To...Barstool Philly IG?

Weird. Hey, I'll take all the exposure we can get...but it's still freakin' weird. The dude has gone pretty much dark on all things social during his alleged battle with "Mind Goblins" and he just HAD to say something now? Again, weird. And that's just the act of responding to something so minimal after being quiet for so long. What he actually said is even more perplexing:


OHHHH SNAP! Simmo The SAVAGE! I bet Ben can't WAIT to return to the Wells Fargo Center and NOT play! That'll really show us meanie Philly fans!

Seriously...what the shit kind of response is that to sitting on the bench? Likewise? Like, you can't wait to do nothing at the Wells Fargo Center just like the last time you were in the building during Game 7 vs. the Hawks? Interesting. If anything imo this just confirms Ben Simmons reads and watches EVERYTHING. There was zero reason to comment on this and make us dickbeans, of all people, his first interaction with any Philly media/person since Game 7 (other than pressers). None. But the dude couldn't help himself. 

Not lost in the sauce, but as we harped on this week's First Time Long Time and Jordie blogged, it would be absolutely amazing if Sixers fans condescendingly took the high road against Simmons tomorrow night in South Philly. Just be completely cheerful and jubilant towards the loser's return. Why? So we can outplay the diabolical asshats at their own game. That's why. 

Never gonna happen in a zillion years, but it would be hilarious. Oh well. Guess we'll just have to beat Kyrie and KD on the way to among the top seeded teams in the playoffs while Ben hopefully gets better for a play-in game. Get well soon, Simmo! CUE IT! 

PS - First Time, Long Time went into all of the mess and glory on the episode this week's episode with Rone. Like and Subscribe to all, please. We'll hang up and listen.