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Commander Brown of Detroit D.U.S.T. Explains How to Neutralize an Attacker

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to break out some self-defense techniques, we at Macrodosing have the guest for you this week. Commander Dale Brown of Detroit Urban Survival Training joined the show and he absolutely delivered.

In addition to talking about why he started D.U.S.T. and telling some wild stories about encounters where he's needed to use survival techniques, Commander Brown gave some tips about what you need to do if you ever find yourself face-to-face with an attacker — say, a deranged man wielding a full, sealed aluminum can and charging you.

First, you want to run in a circle to confuse your attacker and make them easier to strike. Then, you want to go for the eyes, throat and knees. Punching is for simpletons; we're eye-gouging and kicking through knees in 2022. So if anyone ever comes up to your desk foaming at the mouth — again, hypothetically — the play is to go right for the eyes and then the throat once they're stunned.

We talked with Commander Brown for an hour and he definitely brought the heat. Be sure to check out that entire interview as well as the rest of this week's nearly four-hour show talking martial arts and Russia on YouTube and wherever you get your podcasts.