Frankie Finally Got To Tell Daniel Berger That He's Got A Fat Ass

It finally happened. If you follow the Fore Play podcast at all you know that Frankie likes to talk about Daniel Berger's rear end. It's become a topic of conversation ever since Frankie saw Berger at a tournament and commented to us on Berger draggin's a wagon. So it was only a matter of time before Frankie got the chance to tell Berger himself and today is that day. We had to sorta push him into saying it and Berger took it like a champ. It is a compliment after all. A testament to Berger's hard work in the gym. I personally get a lot of enjoyment watching Frankie have to say the crazy things his brain comes up with to the actual people. So today's episode was fun for me. We also had Keith Mitchell on the show who's great. One of the guys and somebody we will likely play a Fore Man Scramble against one day. Enjoy the episode. Shoutout to Cisco Webex.