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There's Nothing Like Being On The Receiving End Of A Phil Hellmuth Rant And Blow-Up


Love him or hate him (you shouldn't hate him, he means well), nobody in poker puts asses in seats like Phil Hellmuth. For decades it's been him and Daniel Negreanu at the top of the poker food chain, not just in terms of skill, but marketability and making for the most memorable moments in poker history. Even though I'm not a fan of the way Phil acts sometimes, there's nothing better than his outburst when Adam "Roothlus" Levy called with QT and turned a straight vs Phil's set, prompting him to explode and wonder if Adam could even spell poker. Just an all time great blow up, and on this week's episode of Cracking Aces we had Roothlus on to talk about not just this clip, but lots of old school OG poker stories.



Roothlus was really cool to talk to. He's been in the game since the very early days of online poker and was doing things in 2005 that nobody else was doing. He gives credit to Lilholdem954 (RIP) for helping him improve his game, talks about the mental side of the game, finishing 12th in the Main Event, and much more. Really enjoyed talking to him.


Check out the episode, subscribe, and enjoy another Hellmuth meltdown.