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200th Episode - Behind The Scenes with the Token Team + John Bacon on Coaching

On today's episode, Erika talks with hockey coach and leadership consultant John Bacon about what it takes to turn around a losing team. Bacon talks his success with coaching "the worst hockey team in America" in his new book, "Let Them Lead." Erika also introduces a revamped "headlines" segment, now called "Erika's Boardroom" giving people an inside look into Barstool & things that are top of mind for her this week. PLUS two of the Token CEO team members, Rachel & Mackenzie, join to talk working with Erika & run a quick Q&A sash.  As always, we're ending the show with Erika featuring one student who turned misogynistic comments into a scholarship fund for "Work Like a Girl." 


  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 03:16 - Erika's Boardroom
  • 10:50 - Subscribe to Things You Missed!
  • 12:21 - Q&A
  • 30:12 - John Bacon
  • 51:39 - Adulting
  • 53:13 - Work Like A Girl

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