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Braxton Berrios Was The Most Obvious Bill Belichick Draft Pick Of All-Time

On today's Pardon My Take... BRAXTON BERRIOS! The New York Jets Wide Receiver and All-Pro joined the show to talk about his upcoming free agency, The U being back, thirst trapping, and much more. The guys also got into it regarding the obvious move of Berrios getting drafted by Bill Belichick. There were tons of jokes being made about it while Berrios was at Miami during his college days, but when it actually happened, it was a funny story. Take a look:

Mr. Cat: So, your career, let's just get this out of the way: the jokes that were made when you were coming out of college and being like, "You're going to get drafted by Bill Belichick.' When that actually happened, were you like, "Is this a prank?" Because I think there's very few times where we see a player in college where like, "Oh that's, he's definitely going to get drafted by the Patriots," and then it happened.

Braxton Berrios: And then it actually happened. Yeah, no, I heard it all coming out, and when it actually happened, I was like, "Wow, you guys were right."

Mr. Cat: He does have a type.

Braxton Berrios: You guys nailed that one.

Mr. Commenter: I looked back at my tweets, and in 2017, I said, "Congratulations to future New England Patriot Braxton Berrios." And then Danny Woodhead got involved, I remember Danny Woodhead was the guys that actually, he turned me on to you. He was like, "Yo, this guy's not just sneaky fast, he's fast fast."

Braxton Berrios: That's the worst, the whole sneaky fast, that's the worst. 

Mr. Cat: What's the most important thing to have a receiver like you? I've always thought it's wiggle. Do you have wiggle?

Braxton Berrios: I have wiggle.

Mr. Cat: Yeah, wiggle is important.

Braxton Berrios: Wiggle is important, and like, of course, I hate saying this, but like, quickness is important, especially because you're going across the middle, right? You got linebackers in there, and safeties coming from 10 yards, you need some wiggle.

Mr. Cat: So then what was the conversation when Belichick had to cut you? Because you had an injury, they were trying to fill up their roster spot with four or five guys for wide receiver. Did he cry when he had to cut you? He's like, "I loved you since the second I set eyes on you."

Braxton Berrios: Yeah, it was a tough conversation, obviously. And you know, he was very complimentary, and you know, they're very professional about everything they do. And that's the problem, I mean, when you get injured over there, it's a little different. It's looked upon differently than other places. And it's just, that's what it was. And you know, then luckily, it landed me on my next spot and that kind of led me to here. So, it is what it is, it wasn't a fun time. 

Mr. Cat: Well, and you had the rare one where I think I read that Belichick called Adam Gase and was like, "You got a really good one here."

Braxton Berrios: So, Gase actually told me that story towards the end of that season. So, we were sitting in a walkthrough on Saturday, and somehow something came up, and he said, "By the way, I never told you the story," and he told me that story, where, you know, Belichick called him and he thought it was about Demaryius Thomas at the time, because Demaryius Thomas was with me in New England at the time, and then he came over to New York, and he said he didn't talk about Demaryius at all/ He said, "Hey man, you really had a good one, we wish we could have kept him." And you know, it's cool obviously hearing that from Bell Belichick."

If Bill Belichick is complimenting you, I think it's safe to say that is one of the highest honors a football player can receive. This was an awesome interview with Braxton Berrios, be sure to check it out in full on today's show.