If Elizabeth Holmes Made Tiny Bluetooth Speakers Instead of Blood Tests, She'd Still Be a Billionaire and Not Going to Prison

On this week's Macrodosing, we welcomed on Ryen Russillo to discuss Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes, one of the great swindlers of our time.

I was not familiar at all with the whole Theranos scandal other than knowing Holmes was just convicted prior to researching for this episode and everything I found out infuriated me. Not because she defrauded investors out of millions of dollars for a dumb idea that didn't work at all, but because anybody ever trusted this freak to begin with.

She looks like she's running on six shots of espresso and 45 minutes of sleep a day and talks like an absolute psychopath. I almost think she shouldn't have been able to be tried for anything because anybody that believed in her was simply an idiot learning a valuable lesson.

As Russillo and PFT pointed out, though, if she had simply devoted her energy and resources to creating tiny Bluetooth speakers instead of whatever blood nonsense she was lying about, she'd still have billions of dollars to play around with and wouldn't be headed to the big house. Ninety-nine percent of people couldn't tell you any differences among brands of speakers and every college kid in America would have the smallest one on the market if it was loud enough just to say they had one.

But instead, she kept lying about her dumbass blood machine that did absolutely nothing right and now she's a convicted felon. You hate to see it.

Listen to the rest of this week's episode to hear the rest of the conversation about Holmes as well as an explanation as to what exactly "Pushing P" means and more.