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Did The Philadelphia Eagles Actually Have A Good Year Or Did We Get Cockteased By An Average Team Playing A FRAUD Schedule?

1-8 vs. teams above .500 with the 1 win being against the 9-8 Saints who were starting Trevor Seimian (0-5 in his starts). Shit, the only time the Eagles were even close outside against a winning squad, outside of garbage time, was the Chargers. Maybe the 49ers game. Other than that the Birds saw victories vs. the likes of Garret Gilbert, Jake Frohm, Sam Darnold, Zach Wilson and the Lions. Not to mention a Broncos squad who just decided not to show up to play football at ALL against the Eagles. So where does that leave us now? Because against solid teams with REAL QB's like Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Derek Carr, etc the Eagles didn't even sniff the taint of victory. Not to mention the Bucs yesterday decided to have a game plan that for some reason no other team has tried this year: Stop the run and force Hurts to throw. Shocking that actually worked. 

Is this a season that looked great on paper? Absolutely. Making the playoffs in this so called "Rebuilding" year is an amazing accomplishment no matter how you do it. You know what else looks pretty good just looking at it? A QB going 32/48 for 387 yards and 2 TD's while rushing for 48 on the ground. That was Jalen Hurts statline vs. the Kansas City Chiefs, a game in which the Eagles had NO shot from the beginning and the QB had an "OK" game till garbage time took over. 

So what do we do now? I don't know. It's a shame Philly Sports Radio only have about 7+ months to talk about it. Hop on the First Time, Long Time train. We'll hang up and listen. 

PS - Dallas Sucks.