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The Eagles Need To Beat The Bucs Solely To Shove It Right Down Steven Cheah's Smug Dumb Dick

Are the Eagles going to go down to Raymond James Stadium and beat the greatest QB of all-time on the defending Super Bowl champions turf? Eh...I think they're going to cover the +8.5? House money, baby. The Eagles are rolling into the casino with a zillion bucks worth of House Money. Rone is obviously going full Bang Bang Bird Gang but I'm expecting a good, close game which results in a loss but am hoping for the best. 

Regardless, the Bucs and Steven Cheah have a LOT more to lose than the Eagles potentially have to win. Let's be realistic. Even if the Birds win they have a long way to go to win another championship, which immediately would mean going into Lambeau. The Bucs losing to a first year HC with a busted up roster, (essentially) a rookie QB, and Tom Brady bowing down to Philly - AGAIN? Yup. That's motivation, baby. Let's do this thing Stevie. 

Cute. Here is Steven Cheah getting EMBARRASSED to on TikTok to 1.5 million views (which is weird because people were told to stop making TikToks/edited clips and videos for me to put on the Gametime account because "They do nothing for us" - Very weird)

Be ready to reap the whirlwind, Cheah. Maybe. Go Birds.