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Tobias Harris, Dollar For Dollar, May Have The Worst Contract In The Known Universe

You know things are really rough when old balls Howard Eskin is whipping out MULTIPLE baby crying emojis for bodybagging purposes. A big time uninspired 3-17 with a 0-5 from beyond experience from Tobias Harris last night finally pushed me over the edge on the man and his max contract. I've been giving Tobi the benefit of the doubt on being more of a "Role Max Guy" (I don't even know what the fuck that means that's how disillusioned I've become in The Process) and not having Ben Simmons, but right now he's not even an average freaking player, let alone THE 15TH HIGHEST PAID PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE!!! It's disgusting. And it all comes back to Ben Simmons. That absolute loser has torpedoed the Sixers from a #1 seed to...this. We could've not had Al Horford. We could've had Jimmy Butler. We could've been a contender. But, nope. We had to baby and cater to Ben Simmons from Day 1 and now we're officially dicked. Not fun. Also Glenn Rivers isn't leading anyone anywhere unless he lucks into having 3 All-HOF players like he did circa Boston in 2008, too. Don't let his inabilities as a head coach get lost in this shit sauce, either. 

Oh and the Flyers went down in a shootout in Montreal while Jalen Hurts is still battling an ankle injury. Philadelphia Sports: A Purgatory Of Mediocrity. Help you, help us. Hop on the First Time, Long Time train for only positive things in Philly for 2022. We deserve nice things, dammit. Maybe. We'll hang up and listen.