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Josh Arieh Won $200,000 & a WSOP Bracelet And Was Broke A Month Later


2021 WSOP Player of The Year Josh Arieh joined Cracking Aces for a fun in-depth interview. He is well known for finishing 3rd in 2004 WSOP main event back when poker was exploding. We had him on the Cracking Aces podcast yesterday to talk all about his life, how he started gambling at 12 years old, his career arc, my favorite story of his- how he won $200,000 and was broke by the next month.

Back in 1999 Josh put up $3,000 of his $8,000 bankroll to take a stab at the $3,000 Limit Hold Em event and then he won the damn thing for $200,000! He flew back to Atlanta and bought a Mustang with his winnings. One month later, he was broke and at Car Max selling the Mustang so he could play poker again! Freaking crazy. Every pro poker player has gone broke at some point, and Josh has continued to crush it since then, as he has been a successful pro for over 20 years.

He has lots of great stories from his life, check it out on itunes or Spotify and leave us a nice review!