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Jalen Reagor Was Somehow Not Forced To Walk Back To Philly After Dropping TWO Game Winning Touchdowns Vs. The Giants

Did that potentially game winning TD pass that Hurts threw perfectly hit Jalen Reagor, 1st round draft pick at WR...IN THE FACEMASK??? Damn right it did. The next one hit him in apparently the exact worst spot for a person paid millions of dollars to catch a football - The Hands. Justin Jefferson does the Griddy 100 times out of 100 on those passes. We talked about that, Nick Sirianni regressing, and Jalen Hurts having the worst day of his young professional career on First Time, Long Time which was recorded directly after the game. Calls were taken and sadness was had. Be sure to hang up and listen 

We're onto the Jets, in which should be an absolute bloodbath. But before we move on, here's a quick soulless reminder Jalen Reagor was drafted a pick before Justin Jefferson and the Vikings straight up LAUGHED about it.