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Getting Chirped By Biz Turns Out To Be A Good Omen For Conor Garland's Career

We had a pair of young guys join us on Spittin' Chiclets this week, Vancouver's Conor Garland and Anaheim's Trevor Zegras. Garland told the hilarious story above about Biz giving him shit when they crossed paths many moons ago. Whoops. From 3 minutes to $25M. Not too shabby.

Zegras told us about the time he asked Ryan O'Reilly if he wanted a little action on the upcoming face-off. Pretty ballsy for a rookie.

We also discussed how they got to where they are and their current seasons. The fellas also talked about the Islanders new barn opening, shitty scheduling, a tough scratch, and a shitload more.

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Have a great Thanksgiving everybody.