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Turns Out White Sox Dave Is Supposed To Be Pretty Good With A 12-Gauge Shotgun

I don't want to say anything nice about Dave Williams basically ever but apparently the kid is pretty good with a 12-gauge in his hands. We posted our only Red Line Radio of the week today and it's heavy on the hunting side of things. Yes we talk Nagy rumors but at this point who hasn't? The meat and potatoes of the show is Chief and Dave's trip to Sydnie Wells's hunting operation and it honestly sounds like a lovely time. 

There was a lot of slander about the height of certain people on social media during the trip. I am eagerly awaiting to address the rumors and allegations. 

But for now the big sticking point is that WSD lit up the discs with regularity. They were running out of clay in fact. Sydnie's dad had to go to the local Farm n Fleet and pick up a couple extra stacks to satisfy Williams's insatiable thirst for smashing brick. I'd say I'm surprised but in fact I'm not. Dave's got a great body for the shotgun kickback that so easily disturbs aspiring marksmen. Sturdy and low center of gravity. Think dense upper body that's spent a lifetime blocking baseballs. Mix that with a natural touch for throwing footballs for his entire life and you could argue he's got the touch and vision to find a target on the move. Maybe I'm wrong. 

There's a lot to digest from their hunting trip. I'm sure videos and all that stuff. But from the horse's mouth we get some good stories on Red Line Radio this week that I'd be remiss not to direct you towards. 

In other news, sounds like my colleagues are getting licensed and buying guns and all that shit. Which to me that sounds like a nice hobby. Hopefully they got the garage space for it. 

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