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Pardon My Take's Football Guys of the Week Nominees - Week 11

Congratulations to week 10s winner Timmy Malinowski, the diesel mechanic, who won by a large margin of victory this week.

Awesome story of perseverance and being able to help out the team. Congrats Timmy.

Now for this week's nominees. 

#1 Will Campbell LSU COMMIT OL Neville HS 

Sounds like a Hollywood script, Will Campbell an LSU o-line commit had a bad groin pull and was told to sit out the game. After he saw his team struggling, he decided to say fuck his groin pull and suited up to play at the start of the second quarter. There's no better way to figure out if you are hurt or injured by seeing your team struggle, the real ones end up suiting up like Will Campbell.

#2 Jamaal Williams RB Detroit Lions

Jamaal Williams suited up during a press conference just to say he was returning to play. We have seen many injured players rocking their pads when injured at home but nothing compares to a guy getting suited up as soon as he can announce he is back.

#3 Paul Peterson HC Dixie St.

I personally am a sucker for coaches keeping their promises to their players. Paul Peterson went tarps off for the boys asap when his defense ran one back for a score. (Yes they were down big but they went hard). No better way to hype up the squad

#4 Scott Hanson Announcer.

We have heard rumors about Scott Hanson on whether he really did go the distance on not taking breaks to use the bathroom, turns out he does not. The guy brings it every Sunday and goes balls to the wall. True football guy 

Throwback football guy of the week (Just from a month ago)

I heard this speech recently as it got leaked, and it made me want to fight a bobcat in a phone booth with my hands tied behind my back. You can't teach that kind of intensity and ability to inspire men to go into battle. It's a trait that's been passed down from ancient generals like Alexander the Great, and is now seen on college football Saturdays.