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Pardon My Take's Football Guys of the Week Nominees - Week 12

Congratulations to week 11's winner 

Jamaal Williams I hear is a total character and would absolutely be a great guest on Pardon My Take.

Congratulations to Jamaal Williams for being back on the field, and football guy of the week.

Now for our week 12 nominees

#1 Vita Vea, NT Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Not sure if this is a Football Guy move or a hockey guy move. Spittin Chiclets is what is known in the hockey world, and Vita Vea spat one out after getting popped in the face

Vita Vea wore it like a badge of honor, but Bruce Arians may have had the best quote on the matter.

Classic, humans have 32 teeth usually, and from the looks of it, Vea only lost half a tooth. Great quote from the man who drank paint.

#2 Luke Fickell HC, University Cincinnati 

This football guy comes from the currently undefeated Cincinnati Bearcats. Whipped out his classic pullup celebration after the win.

Good coach celebrations are always going to make the list! Reps up for the boys.

#3 Daniel Carlson Game Winning Kicker, Raiders

The NFL has had several bouts of food poisoning this season and Daniel Carlson kicker for the Raiders got hit with it Monday. He didn't care, he was probably having serious bowel problems the whole time, he would even play with a diaper.

This man was going to throw on depends just to ensure he didn't miss any time or let down the team.

Not only did he survive the food poisoning and not miss time, but he also closed out the game in a shit yourself pressure situation. 

#4 Dameon Pierce RB, University of Florida

This is some psycho shit if I have ever seen it. Absolute beast mode as Dameon Pierce loses his helmet and continues to play for the touchdown. 

We need to change this rule to if the player gets his helmet ripped off and he is about to score he gets the touchdown. I understand they are trying to prevent serious injuries, but if a guy gives his all like that they should just give him the TD. Losing your helmet within 5 yards or on 4th down should be legal to play through. All-time quote by him after the game. 

Old School Football guy of the week

Not from a long time ago, but an old-school football guy. Passed, I understand we had a similar one mentioned on last week's show but this one does not include irresponsible gambling. 

Wayne Olexa, 76, of Crafton PA, formerly of Swissvale, PA passed away on Sunday, November 14, 2021, after a long bout with the Steelers.  He was at his home with family when they went into overtime against the 0-8 Detroit Lions and that was all he could take.