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How Many Eggs Do You Guys Think WSD Eats In A Given Week?

The answer is 24 otherwise known as two dozen. He revealed it during one of our shows this week. I can't remember which one so go listen to all of them. Although the most recent is from this morning - a Red Line Radio dedicated to brisket, fixing college football and the awkward social dynamic of inviting a woman over to eat brisket and watch college football. It's honestly a great fuckin show that I'm going to link to now, and then get back to the egg conversation because 24 is a preposterous number of eggs. 

Basic math says 24 eggs is about 3.5 per day. Before slicing that up, just imagine doing 365 omelettes a year then acting casual about your egg intake. If someone said they eat fifty you'd probably categorize that person as an enthusiast. After 90 you start getting into the obsessive territory. 

I guess he loves a good omelette 

If someone said they eat an omelette every other day, you'd put them on a watch list. That's simply so many eggs. 

And now just to really lay the foundation, Dave claims to eat roughly twice as many eggs as someone who eats 15 omelettes a month. 

That's assuming a consistent level of egg consumption over an extended period of time. What if you go on vacation and your access to a fridge filled with Eggs becomes compromised? What if you hit a dry spell on the grocery store visits? Say you make a big run on takeout around the holidays. Simply taking one day off per week means we're up to 4 eggs per day. Another off day and we're up to the 5 territory. That's a scary place to be - averaging 5 eggs per day on any day you eat eggs? Take it easy buddy. 

The math suggests one of two psychopaths. The first is a consistent grinder who sets his clock to clearing out a carton of Grade A extra large free range organic big ones. There are no days of rest in this man's life as he methodically bulldozes enough eggs to sustain a small waterfront Amazonian village week after week. And yet despite this seemingly insatiable appetite, he takes no pleasure in the madness. He doesn't even think about it. Eggs are habit and habit is survival. Two dozen a week is part of life. 

The other type of egg savage is someone putting up monster numbers in limited playing time. The guy eating protein shakes and doing 8-egg white scrambles with store-made rotisserie chicken and low-fat swiss. People that crave results and are willing to isolate any food and muscle groups to get them. 24 eggs a week to these people is just part of their journey. They don't do it because they want to. They do it because they have to. Same goes for everybody drinking water out of a rinsed out gallon of milk. They're practically family. 

Those are the two kinda guys that are willing to eat two dozen eggs a week and I actually think WSD has a little bit of both in him. He ran a marathon. But he's also a creature of habit. Either way that's a lot of fucking Eggs. 

I'm good for 6 on average. What's your kill count? 

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