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Chris S. Left the Bachelorette Last Night in Extraordinary Fashion

The Bachelorette Recap is here! This week I am joined by Trent and former Bachelor himself, Nick Viall! We had tons to say and Nick gives amazing incite on what goes down behind the scenes. 

One thing we couldn't stop talking about was Chris S. This guy could not get out of his own way. Even Nick, who promises there are no paid actors, said he thought about this guy being a paid actor. After last week, Chris couldn't accept the fact that Michelle didn't melt over him trying to "save her" from the other guys, specifically Nayte. He seemed very intimidated by the fact that Nayte got the one on one and he didn't. He even SHOWED UP during the dinner portion of Michelle and Nayte's date to complain to Michelle that he felt played. Michelle told him she does not need a man to speak for her. Rarely is there a ONE ON ONE date that is interrupted by another contestant. Thankfully, Michelle wanted nothing to do with him and immediately sent him home. Michelle is certainly not taking any BS from any of these guys. If they fuck up, they are out the door. 

For the FULL Bachelorette recap listen to today's CITO here: