If The Philadelphia Eagles Could Play A 0-8 Team Or Sam Darnold Every Week We Really Might Have Something Here

Add in playing the Falcons embarking on a new administration in shambles, too. We' should play them, the Lions, or Sam Darnold every week and look like an actual football team. Speaking of the Detroit Lions:

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I've defended them being "Not That Bad" on Picks Central for most of the season, but yesterday was actually one of the worst football coaching performances I've seen in all my days. And that's after watching Nick Sirianni attempt to be a head coach for 5 losses this year (s/o to fellow nominees of my D-III coach who would yell "ONSIDE KICK TEAM!!!" when we wanted to attempt a surprise onside kick and my high school coach who instead of drawing up adjustments during halftime would simply draw a heart on the board). As a franchise, Detroit has just 1 playoff win since 1957. I repeat, ONE PLAYOFF WIN IN 64 YEARS!!! That's incredible. But some of the stuff going on yesterday by Dan Campbell's team was astonishingly awful. Don't believe me? Go rewatch the last drive of the Lions before halftime.

As for the Eagles, congrats. We beat up on the worst team in football. Sirianni ran the ball (37 called runs!!!!) and the defense was actually schemed to be aggressive. Or in other words, can we just do fan polls every week on what they should do and collect the game checks? Imagine if they were actually doing their jobs well all year. Maybe there will be more hope. And, no, I'm not drinking the "Flower Is Sprouting" kool-aid after beating this dead, neutered Lions team. Not when in all 5 losses vs. actual NFL teams haven't even been close. Well, until garbage time that is. Keep it worthy against the Chargers and maybe we'll actually have something rooted. Until then, enjoy wearing that half Bobby Clarke/Wilt Chamberlain shirsey at your press conference today, Nick. You deserve it. 

PS - Some people want to be happy with eviscerating the Lions on the way to a 6 or 7 win season. Me? I'd probably rather have taken the L and be on the way to getting 2 picks in the first 5 selections. At least Carson Wentz is staying Carson Wentz in Indy. 

PPS - First Time, Long Time. Follow and sub it. We'll hang up and listen.