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Pardon My Take's Football Guys of the Week Nominees - Week 8

Congratulations to Maxx Williams for winning Football Guy of the week. 

I'm going to be honest, sitting on the couch in your gear is a football guy move, but I really don’t see how it beats the Highschool kid who played through bleeding lungs, or Dawson Knox throwing a touchdown with a broken thumb.

Here are our week 8 Nominees.

#1 Collin Wilder FS, Wisconsin

In Wisconsin's 24-7 win over Iowa this weekend, many could have seen the trucker hat with "The Grit Factory" written on it. The hat was originally supposed to be a part of Collin Wilder's Halloween costume, he was going to be a Grit Factory worker. The Hat took on a life of its own as it became a big play prop for Wisconsin. Being a Factory worker at "The Grit Factory" for Halloween would be enough to be nominated for FGOTW but for the costume to then be an integral part in your team winning on Saturday is next level. 

#2 Mark Schlereth Retired Pissdawg

The guy is just living his best life dressed up as Mr. Incredible, living and breathing football. Mark isn't pissing himself on the field anymore, but he wishes he was. 

#3 Jack Sanborn ILB Wisconsin 

Giphy Images.

Another Wisconsin player, Jack Sanborn dislocated his finger to the point where I think bone may have come out of the skin. He got stitches in the locker room then went right back out to play because "It's Iowa Week". Not much else to explain in this one except the guy basically almost lost a finger and went back in the game.

#4 Jedd Fisch HC U of Arizona 

Guy tells his players that he loves them more than he tells his wife. Classic football guy, you can tell football may be an actual problem in his marriage. Nothing can please a Football Guy more than a reliable linebacker.

Bonus Throwback Football Guy of the Week

This would never fly in today's NFL. This is hilarious, imagining being so hyped you end up spiking a Corner in the face with a ball. This is all-time hilarious in retrospect.

Old school football. Crazy that some were even defending Tarkenton when he said Bolton may have tried to step on his ankles.