Figuring Out How & When To Switch It Up At Work

After decades of working in media and marketing, Marla Aaron wanted to make a jump into a brand new industry: jewelry.  Erika speaks with Marla about what it took to make the leap and the challenges she faced in making the new business successful. In adulting, Erika  speaks with an expert on how to properly re-brand yourself when making a career change. She also runs through the headlines and answers your questions. 

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 02:32 - Headlines (Facebook whistleblower, NWSL drama, Ozy media blowout, & the hype around Squid Game)
  • 14:01 - Q&A 
  • 19:27 - Marla Aaron Interview
  • 38:59 - Adulting - how to make a career pivot

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