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Daniel Negreanu Thinks He Will Break The Record For Most WSOP Bracelets Won In A Single Series



Happy WSOP week everyone! On today's podcast we were joined by none other than Kid Poker himself, Daniel Negreanu. On the eve of the WSOP starting, Daniel fired us up to get back to Vegas and get to work. He has been working hard as fuck on his game, and made a bold, bolddddd prediction for how his series will go:



I fucking love that. The record for most bracelets in one WSOP is 3, and DNegs is confident he can win 



4 bracelets in 1 WSOP. I mean, there are 88 events and then 11 online events (which I assume he is counting because technically they do count even if most people think they shouldn't) so it's not out of the realm of conversation. But it certainly is BOLD.

Also in the episode Daniel talks about his beef with Phil Hellmuth (worth the listen for that alone), how losing the heads up battle with Doug Polk will benefit him long term, and lots of other good nuggets. Daniel is going to be focused on winning those 4 bracelets, going to be fun to follow his progress all Fall long.

We were also joined by KB No Swag on this podcast because why the fuck not.  


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