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Winners Of 14 Straight Games, The Cardinals Are The Hottest Team In Baseball Because Of Their Devil Magic

They always do this don't they? The St. Louis Cardinals always find a way to get involved with the postseason and get into October. It's the St. Louis devil magic. I don't know what that means but it is 100% a thing. This season they're doing it with a 14 game winning streak at the absolute perfect time of the year. They needed to get hot and make a run and they did, now they've got a chokehold on the second Wild Card spot with a 5 game lead over Philly. They're surging right now and by far the hottest team in baseball. They aren't doing it by clobbering teams every night too, they're barely skating by but it's working. Thats the Cardinals' devil magic. 

*Reminder that this video was recorded before the Cardinals doubleheader on Friday*

Dallas: "12 in a row! 12 in a row!"

Jared whispering: "12 in a row!"

Dallas: "During this streak Jared, I don't know, I mean, they're easily, easily top 5 I would say, top 5 pitching staff, top 5 offensive numbers. Maybe not power numbers. The Cardinals have done everything, everything right."

Jared: "Mmhmm"

Dallas: "They're not scoring the most runs, they're scoring the right amount of runs at the right time. That's the kind of stuff you have to do to go on a streak though."

Jared: "Yeah"

Dallas: "It helps when you kick the shit out of some people every now and then too, that's fine."

Cardinals takin control of the second Wild Card gets a lot of love here but it's a jam packed episode. Rays are going to be playing some postseason baseball for the third straight season, we got some baaaaaad blood brewing between Kevin Kiermaier and the Blue Jays over #CardGate, the 13th installment of the Mount Rushmore Series featuring everyone's favorite franchise the Houston Astros, and Dallas gives us a eulogy on the Oakland A's and their 2021 season. 

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