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Embrace Debate: Did Gleyber Torres Actually Know How Many Outs There Were Last Night When He Scored The Go Ahead Run?

Rob Carr. Getty Images.

The Yankees won themselves a rollercoaster of a game last night to keep their playoff hopes alive. Gleyber Torres had his finger prints all over this one in a good and a bad way. Just recently he was removed from being the team's shortstop after making a million errors in the field and looking lost out there. He also was benched Tuesday night after failing to run out a ground ball. It has not been a good year for GT to say the least. It hasn't been a good year and a half if we're being honest.  

Fast forward to last night, the Yankees had runners at second and third with one out as they tried to rally against the O's late. With the infield in, Gardner blooped a single out to shallow left field scoring both runners and taking the lead.

Obviously this was a very good thing that happened, but the topic of debate since has been did Gleyber know how many outs there were. Honestly, I don't know. 

First thing to know here is that the infield was in and it's on the runner to know that pre-pitch along with where the outfielders are aligned. That being said there was only one out and Gleyber basically went on contact which is not what you are taught to do. Sure, off the bat you know that's a bloop, but in the 9th inning you have to be dead certain that's falling to go like Gleyber did. If that ball is caught, which for a little bit no one knew if it was going to be, then Gleyber is doubled off and the game is over. Was it a good read, stupid base running, or did Gleyber not know how many outs there were?  It very well may be a combination of all three somehow. 

Keep in mind the half inning prior there was ground ball hit to Gleyber at 2nd that he knocked down and instead of getting the easy lead runner at 2nd he decided to throw to first for no reason at all. In my mind the benefit of the doubt is out the window with him. He's also never been known for good base running decisions. Since the moment it happened I've been convinced he had no clue the situation.  

Gleyber in his mind may have thought he had a good read on that ball, but my god was that close to disaster. Bottomline is he got really fucking lucky, as did the Yankees. Onwards. 

Here are your updated wild standings in the AL. Jays and Sox have the day off today so the Yankees can pick up a half game on both with a win later against the Orioles. Probably best they do that. 

The Yankees play the Jays, Sox, and Rays their final 9 games of the season. This is going to be TIGHT the rest of the way and my heart cannot take it. Buckle the fuck up. 

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