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That Time Coley Got Unwittingly Meth'd at Coachella

This week's Macrodosing is all about Woodstock, the official landmark weekend of all Boomers.

While none of us were around for the 1969 festival, some members of the show have enjoyed themselves at other similar events. One story which came out of this episode was Coley's adventure at Coachella, in which he had another random concert-goer blow a cloud of what turned out to be good, old-fashioned meth smoke right in his face.

You know how it goes. If you're walking the grounds at Coachella, you have implicitly consented to the possibility that someone might give you a contact high via a fat meth cloud. That is precisely why you will not catch me at a music festival anytime soon.

But when you compare Coley's experience to the shit that was going on at Woodstock and Woodstock '99, it doesn't even come close. The things those hippies were doing in the '60s were truly out of control. We get into all that from the original Woodstock as well as the reboot in 1999, which featured its own unique set of problems.

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