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Javy Baez Learned REAL QUICK That New York Is A Different Animal

Anything happen up in Flushing over the weekend? When it rains it pours on the Mets, they just can't seem to get out from underneath that cloud. Over the weekend we saw the emergence of the "thumbs down" celebration from Fransisco Lindor and Javy Baez, then we had Baez's comments come out and it started the whole shitstorm about fans booing players, the players giving it back to the fans, and then of course we got Sandy Anderson, the President of the Mets releasing a statement about the gestures from Lindor and Baez. What a bizarre situation. Baez learned reallllll quick that he's not in the friendly confines of Wrigely Field anymore.

Dallas: "To the point about Javy coming from Chicago. This is a dude who just won a World Series for a team who hadn't won one in damn near 100 years, 100 years plus. He's never going to have to buy another meal, pay for another drink in Chicago. And he's coming from that environment now to where they don't give a damn what you did last homestand."

Even after saying it out loud it's wild to think that this is a story, but you know Jared and Dallas will have some words on it. The AL and NL Wild Card races are heating up and I think they're going to be a lot of fun to watch going down the stretch. You know they had to discuss Shohei Ohtani joining the 40Hr/20SB club, Wander Franco and his red-hot run he's on, Salvador Perez turning into Barry Bonds, some big series with major playoff implications starting this week as well as the Mount Rushmore of Padres. Summer is winding down and playoff races are heating up, make sure to tune in and hear what the Starting 9 guys have to say about it all!

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