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Emergency We Gotta Believe: #ThumbsDownGate Recap And Reaction With Listener Phone Calls


"The Mets have won their last 2 games and the offense has finally showed up! They may be turning it on late, but at least there's still some fight left in this group," is how we should have been starting this show. Instead it's "whose got two thumbs and is ready to burn this franchise to the ground? Those guys!" What a truly wild 24-hour swing. In fact, it was so crazy that we never even began to even think about Noah Syndergaard testing positive and pushing off his rehab start. That might as well have been months ago with this Mets news cycle. 

Instead it's all about Javier Baez and Francisco Lindor taking the clubhouse down a road that leads to no where. The duo called out the fanbase with a thumbs down gesture and players, coaches, fans and owners are all weighing in to try to make sense of it all. We're not gonna knock the players for standing up for their teammates, but we certainly have some thoughts about where this culture is headed and exactly which fans the Mets are calling out. 

KFC and I highlight the particular brand of Mets fan that they believe the team is going against, Sandy and Uncle Stevie's responses to the controversy and just about every other offseason and performance related criticism that has gotten us to this point. You can't keep stirring the pot and then cry when it overflows and you certainly can't win a battle against millions of irate fans so let's call this what it is- miscommunication. We aren't handing out any free passes or even giving them the benefit of the doubt, we just are of the belief that the common fan shouldn't feel insulted by what is being said or done. Be offended by the play on the field, feel patronized by the press conferences and fake optimism, but just know and believe that the thumbs down is for the 1% of fans that truly terrorize these normal people into fearing for their families. 

We also add a new segment to the end of the show in which we ask to hear from you, the true fans! We'll be running this throughout the rest of the year so make sure to subscribe on YouTube and follow on Twitter for your chance to be heard! 

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