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Kirk Herbstreit’s New Bet With Big Cat and PFT Commenter Has the Potential To Get Very Interesting

On today's Pardon My Take... KIRK HERBSTREIT! One of the most knowledgeable people in America regarding college football joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter today to discuss conference realignment, his new book, the upcoming football season, Dad Life, and much more. When diving into the nitty gritty of college football in 2021, an interesting debate was sparked regarding one team: Cincinnati. The Bearcats are on the road at Notre Dame and on the road at Indiana. If UC were to run the table, would that be enough to get into the College Football Playoff? It's safe to say that there were different opinions:

Kirk Herbstreit: Cincinnati goes undefeated with the schedule they have, there's no way, with all the noise, "It's not fair!" There's no way they'll keep Cincinnati out as a preseason top seven, and they play Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.

Mr. Cat: I don't believe it. 

Kirk Herbstreit: And they play Indiana...

Mr. Cat: Texas A& will have like three losses and it's like, they're (No.) 4. There's no way. You're saying it right now, but there's no way.

Kirk Herbstreit: I'm saying it right now! I'm telling you, if Cincinnati is undefeated, they're going to be in the playoff. 

Mr. Cat: Against a one loss SEC team?

Kirk Herbstreit: One loss SEC team...

Mr. Cat: Nope, alright, I'll bet you a steak dinner on it. 

Kirk Herbstreit: I'm saying an SEC team will be in, but I'm saying you're not going to put... if it's Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Ohio State, there's no way Alabama and Georgia would go in over an undefeated Cincinnati.

Mr. Cat: OK, I'll bet you a steak dinner on it. 

Mr. Commenter: If it's Alabama, Oklahoma, Clemson, Ohio State, they all have one loss... who are you taking out?

Mr. Cat: They're all going in before Cincinnati. 

Kirk Herbstreit: Again, it would depend on who lost and when they lost. You know what I mean, it's hard to look at that?

Mr. Commenter: I get that, but just those names and the size of those schools, I will believe it when I see it. 

Kirk Herbstreit: OK, this is fun! This is good! Let's revisit this in December.

Mr. Cat: So, here's the bet, and Bear (Chris Fallica) has to come, too. The bet is simple, it's that an undefeated Cincinnati will not go to the playoff over a one-loss Power Five team. So, if there's a two-loss Power Five team, it's null and void, but we're basically saying a one-loss Power Five team will get in over Cincinnati, undefeated.

Kirk Herbstreit: You're saying that, and I'm saying... you're saying a Power Five one-loss team will be in over an undefeated Cincinnati. OK, that's a fair bet. 

Mr. Cat: I feel great about that.

Mr. Commenter: I do love this. I love that we're already having this debate about college football. This is what makes college football great.

What do you think? Would an undefeated Cincinnati Bearcats team make it into the College Football Playoff over a one-loss powerhouse team? It's going to take a couple of road wins to even give this debate some life, but it would be fascinating to see how it would play out. A steak dinner is on the line, after all!