The Real Reason You Get Ginger With Your Sushi

This week it came to my attention that some folks don’t know what the ginger is for when you order sushi. Do you eat it with the sushi? On its own? Ria ordered sushi for lunch this week and turned to me to express how she wished she could just eat the ginger on its own instead of on top of the pieces. I told her that is quite literally what the ginger is for. We also asked Glen and Rudy sitting across from us if they knew what the sushi was for and Rudy said he also eats his on top of the sushi!

Traditionally, the ginger is there to cleanse the palate. You have a little bite in between the servings of sushi. If you didn’t know, now you know.

On a side note, ginger is also absolutely delicious. If you have been ignoring the ginger with your sushi it is time to change your ways. Tastes great and good for your digestive system! 

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