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The Entire "Black Mirror" Series Is Just A Compilation Of True Stories About The Future

Black Mirror is one of my favorite shows (except the last season I had a few complaints, also Bandersnatch was terrible) and one thing is true about every episode - they all hit a little too close to home. None of them seem TOO far fetched, as if they're all short stories that include snippets of technology we may have in the near future. I wouldn't necessarily call it "dystopian," the problems the protagonists face are usually personal to them, and a reaction to the technology available. Most lives are ruined. It has me thinking - should we be afraid of the future? How bad are we going to fuck it all up for ourselves? Or, are we going to wise up, and use everything to our advantage? 

Personally I am the carbon copy of everyone fucking up with their technology. There are a lot of great episodes, but I love "The Entire History Of You" episode where, everyone has cameras behind their eyes that record everything and can play it all back on a screen. The amount of fights I would get in if someone refused to prove something via their eyeball cameras??? I might commit murder, too.

On this week's episODE OF BECAUSE WE GOT HIGH AHAHHAHAAAH fucking GOT YOU AGAIN oh my god it's too easy. It's the F episode, and we're talking about the Future. Why are we afraid of it? Why are we obsessed with it? Why are we so anxious to BE in the future? We don't have any of the answers, but we sure ask a lot of questions. We also break down what we hope a day in our lives are like 25 years from now, and have on Tommy and Vibbs to do the same. 

YouTube will be out at 7pm! SUBSCRIBE FOR FUCK'S SAKE