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Luke Voit Came Back From The IL And Has Been RED HOT, Sorry 'bout It Anthony Rizzo!

Luke Voit was the forgotten man around the trade deadline. Rumors swirling that the Yankees would try to trade him and bring in another guy after they made the move to bring in Anthony Rizzo. Well Luke Voit had other plans. He ended up sticking around and has been on a tear since then. He had some comments a few weeks back about how he deserved to play everyday and wanted to play, who could blame him? He wasn't wrong with anything he said either.

Jared: "Since Luke Voit came back on August 8th, Luke Voit is hitting .320 with a .990 OPS. As you remember, the Yankees acquired Anthony Rizzo. Anthony Rizzo homered in his first 2 games as a Yankee. In the 10 games since those first 2 in which he homered..."

Dallas: "FART NOISE"

Jared: "Anthony Rizzo is hitting .167 with a .506 OPS. Tell me why Luke Voit's wrong?"

Dallas: "Luke Voit's been saying it with the bat, you just need to be reading his book."

Jared: " It's the shiny new toy syndrome!"

Along with the Luke Voit conversation, we also get a full on talk about Miguel Cabrera and his 500th home run. The Cincinnati Reds finally get some love after they've been on a tear lead by Joseph Daniel Votto. As mentioned before the Yankees are smoking hot and can't be stopped, along with the Dodgers finding their grove and the Braves making a run. Smitty joins the guys for a very entertaining Mount Rushmore of Phillies, how can you not love Smitty? Much, much more in the episode as well!

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