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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man That Has Been Broken By #MetsTwitter?


On today's We Gotta Believe, your boy KFC and I discussed what life has been like since the Mets offense dug the team into a 7 game hole in like 2 weeks flat, which is actually impressive when you think about it. In addition to the nonstop ugly baseball that has been on TV, there has been an equal amount of ugliness on #MetsTwitter which is nothing new considering the King of Cuncel has been a big part of rallying against the Mets during the Wilpon Era.

HOWEVAH, we are currently living in a world where the Wilpons lost the prize jewel of their family after years of ineptitude yet people still act like absolutely nothing has changed. So like we sometimes do on We Gotta Believe, KFC and I decided to do a baseball science experiment since Barstool's Hater of the Year for 10 years running has officially lost his mind reading all the vitriol spewed by all the haters.

Kev is going to slowly purge all of #MetsTwitter from his life in order to see what type of mental and physical effects it has on him. To be honest, we should probably get his brain scanned too because I feel like even a few months of a Twitter purge could make our brains go from looking like the lung of a smoker to the lung of a newborn. 

For the record, this is the Before picture of KFC taken before he removes #MetsTwitter from his life.

What will the After picture look like? We will find out in September, or if there is a God, October.

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