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It's Time To Talk About The "Hollow Earth" Theory, As Well As The Ancient Civilization Living Inside Of The Earth's Core

Have you guys heard about this? The Hollow Earth theory? 

Hmm. "…recurs in folklore and as a premise for subterranean fiction, a subgenre of adventure fiction."

You know what else the government tells us is "folklore" and "fiction"?

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Mhm. So who's to say the Earth isn't hollow? And a whole civilization of people aren't living down there? It's not like we're chillin around the Earth's core, we're too busy jerking our dicks off in Space to realize ANYTHING that's going on inside our own planet. Sure, maybe they've "done research" and "used magnetic waves" and whatever, but didn't we just hear lately that some of the old science is pretty bootleg? We can't even get to the ocean floor. I'm not ruling out some shit going on in The Core. 

On this week's episode of Because We Got High, we're talking about Earth. Is it even round? Why aren’t we exploring the ocean more? Does NASA suck? Alongside this, we bring in a few of our coworkers and have them give us their thoughts on Earth, in 30 seconds. We wrap up the episode with a few (very high) voicemails, that we answer while passing the hypothetical blunt. 

The YouTube version will be out at 7pm, it's worth the watch if you want to see Tommy Smokes denounce Global Warming and Marty Mush expose himself as a Flat Earther. Throw us a subscribe while you're there, will you?