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Breaking Down The 2021 Rookie QBs First Weekend

Many are saying that this year's draft class may have been the best QB class in a long time. 

Adam Hunger. Shutterstock Images.

Trevor Lawrence

Lawrence went 6/9 (nice) with 71 yards in his preseason debut. 

To be honest he wasn't given the majority of the reps in the game with C.J Beathard (a guy who always balls out when he is put in) putting up more stats. Lawrence's first snap didn't go too well but he made some great throws. 

I am going, to be honest, in all the highlights I saw of him you can see him taking a lot of time in the pocket going through reads. You can tell that the field is not looking as clear-cut as his time in Clemson. I have said that playing with top talent your whole life may actually be a disadvantage because looks and openings are always easier to develop and the precision needed in the NFL is developed by playing in bad situations. This may sound counterintuitive but being a player that makes other players better, rather than just playing with top talent. 

That was a good fast read. 

Here is another time he takes too much time, but his talent and ability to spot players extending the play is why he was #1.

Zach Wilson

Wilson also went 6/9 (nice) for 63 yards in his debut. Also did not take the bulk of the snaps but everyone's breaking in their rookies slowly.

His debut was actually way better than I expected, all these stories coming out of camp did not sound promising but that is an NFL throw. A 15 yard out is the hardest throw in football and he put it on the money. That's a 35-yard throw on a rope, no joke. 

This read-off a double slant from a trip's formation was also very impressive. I am starting to think Saleh has been throwing hard shit at Wilson during practice allowing him to get in the game and it is easier.

From the looks of what Wilson ran during the game, those route concepts out of trips (or trios) seem to be what they were testing out a lot in the game. As a Jets fan, my hopes are high.

Trey Lance

Trey Lance was 5/14 for 128 yards and a score, most of those stats coming from this 80-yard bomb.

Unlike some of the other rookie QBs, Shanahan let Lance rip it. Here's a great throw coming out of the 9ers own endzone.

Justin Fields

14/20 142 yards 1 passing TD, 1 rushing TD. The city of Chicago thinks Fields' is the messiah to save the Bears. 

His TD pass was awesome game planning and execution by Fields to convince the Defense it was a rollout and totally causing someone to blow their coverage and Bears' fans loads.

It was reminiscent of this play from college.

His scrambling TD is the type of playmaking any rookie QB needs to take their team to the next level. 

Tons of amazing throws from his first game. 

Mac Jones

Bill Belicheck with Mac Jones is like when Clint Eastwood comes back with a gun in Gran Torino. You got a scorned old man with a dangerous weapon and he knows how to use it. Tampa winning has pissed Bill off and now the NFL has to pay. 

He went 13/19 87 yards. He's dropping dimes (dropped).

Belichick purposefully shook his head at Mac Jones's pro-day so he would slip. This is going to be a huge problem for NFL defenses.

He reads this play so well he slides it right by the corner while his back is turned. He is throwing guys open.

Kellen Mond

He went 6/16 for 53 yards. He just needs to make sure he doesn't give Kirk Cousins covid.

Made some plays

Davis Mills

If you are really interested in how the Stanford grad did check this thread.

Sam Ehlinger

The last QB taken in the 2021 draft is turning serious heads. Even though he had a pick, he went 10/15 with 155 yards and a game-winning drive.

Pretty bad pick tbh. 

A huge dime here. I kind of hope Sam Ehlinger ends up starting. I do believe that he was only bad in Texas because he said they were back and now that he is out of Texas ends up playing better. It May be the solution to Carson Wents injury but Jacob Eason also played well.

This play just shows how great a competitor he really is, seals the game as well.

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