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What Do You Do If You Are Having Sex Dreams About Your Friend's Fiance?

Sex dreams happen all the time. They usually end up becoming a part of a funny conversation you have with your friends the next day - "OMG you had a sex dream about him?? Do you like, WANT to have sex with him??"

PROBABLY NOT (but sometimes, maybe). Luckily I found this article about it, giving us some help:

On this week's episode of Because We Got High, we were talking about Dreams and we had a listener call in and tell us she's been having sex dreams about her best friend's fiance. Does she actually want to fuck him, and ruin her friendship along with her own relationship AND the theirs? No. But why does she think that she does?? She's letting her dreams get the best of her. We all have to remember that dreams are fake, not reality, and nothing to get worked up over. So what, you fucked in a dream! It was probably a nice break from fucking your own boyfriend! 

Just, don't tell your friend that you had this dream. That would be a HORRIBLE mistake. Keep these sex dreams to yourself. 

Check out the episode out now, and the Youtube version.