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Deion Sanders Is The Most Optimistic Employee At Barstool By A Mile

UPDATE: This show is now down to once a week, instead of twice. The boss lady's got shit to do, and we're going to work on making this a loaded, high quality show, rather than shorter episodes twice a week.

For our newest episode, we've got the one and only DEION SANDERS. But first, Erika begins the episode with a rundown of what’s ahead this fall in Barstool’s world with the upcoming football season (it's a lot). Then we transition into responding to listener submitted voicemails before getting into the weekly ‘Adulting’ segment. 

Questions included:

  • How early is too early to quit a job you're miserable at?
  • How do you review your manager? Usually they're the ones giving evaluations, but how do I tell my manager they need to step it up?
  • If someone asks you if they can put you down as a reference for a job posting, but you’re not entirely comfortable with it, how do you say no?
  • How would you suggest someone deal with a very stagnant boss who was more interested in not rocking the boat rather than coming up with innovative ideas?

To wrap up, Deion Sanders, joined by his son, Shilo, joins the pod. Together they talk the upcoming release of Coach Prime, what Deion thinks pressure really is, and why he doesn’t have bad days. Deion might be the single most optimistic person on this planet, and we love it.

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