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Is Math Made Up?

So we got into an interesting discussion today on our golf podcast: is math made up? Frankie thinks math is made up and he's kinda right. Human beings came up with math. There's no denying that. If human beings had never existed on this planet, math wouldn't exist. However, the things that math measures are VERY real. As real as you can get in fact. Math literally measures anything and everything around us. We'd be a lot worse off without math but is it made up? Yes and no. We then got into a lengthy discussion about how useless most of the math is that we were taught in high school. I don't use a single shred of the math I was taught in high school. I live my life (both successfully at times and unsuccessfully at times) with the working math knowledge of a 4th grader. It seems to be going okay. Any math after that is positively useless for a guy like me.

We also talked about the upcoming match between Dave Portnoy and Brooks Koepka, it being too damn hot during the women's golf Olympics and the new PGA Tour/European Tour allegiance that greatly benefits the John Deere Classic. Enjoy!