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Team Portnoy Building Barstool Athletes

This episode of Token CEO had a lot to cover. We brought one of Dave's guys, Karim, on the pod to talk about the creation of Barstool athletes, and in Barstool fashion, no one knew what we were doing. It started with a DM sent to Dave, an emergency press conference, then Dave's guys got to work. Karim talked about what it was like working all throughout his break & what the next moves for Barstool Athletes might be. On top of that, Karim talks about how he got his start at Barstool - going from a viceroy to one of Dave's right hand guys. 

Always talking headlines on this pod so we cover Reese Witherspoon making 900MIL off of her media company, the future of newsletters, and how "buy now, pay later" is going to be a huuuuge new part of how people think about buying. We also do voicemails now! If you have a question for Erika and want it answered on the pod, call us at (440) 462-1729!

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