Can anyone actually describe what an NFT is?

I think a lot of us are on the same page in the fact that most people have no clue whiten NFT is or how to explain it. We're in this world of crypto currency where some people REALLY get it, some people kinda get it, but a LOT of people have absolutely no clue on how to explain it or how to get involved. We even asked the Barstool guys (a true test of intelligence) & not a single one could give a definition.  

In comes Karsen Woods - the self-proclaimed NFT queen. Today's episode takes a look into what the crypto world is, how it's exploded over the last year, how she got involved so quickly, and how someone who knows nothing about it can get into it as well. Plus Erika answers a few of listener voicemails, talks about what's going on behind the scenes at the latest Barstool board meetings, & gives a look into what a manager-training session looks like here at Barstool Sports. Full episode, get it here: