This Oakland Athletics Fan Flipping Out About Their Trade Sums Up How The Entire Fanbase Feels

This is the time when the trades really heat up, the last few days before the deadline are AWESOME. Moves happening left and right, medicals being exchanged, prospects names being thrown out there, it's a magical time where buyers bring in new guys and sellers unload half their squad. One trade we saw this week really irked this Oakland A's fan who didn't approve of the Starling Marte for Jesús Luzardo trade. Let's check in with him to see his true thoughts on the trade....

Dallas: "FOR A FUCKING RENTAL!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!" *Throws Pen*

Something tells me Dallas wasn't happy with the Athletics trading a young pitcher who wouldn't be a free agent until 2027 for a rental outfielder. I can't quite put my finger on it but I don't think he approved. That trade was just the appetizer for the big Joey Gallo trade that happened a few hours later and I'm sure we will have a few more big name players moving by the time you're reading this. Deadline day will be nuts with all these big names on the block, Max Scherzer, Trey Turner, Trevor Story, Javy Baez, Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, I mean there are some massive guys who could be moving. Jared and Dallas talked about the in anarchy going on in the Marlins organization and what the hell is going on in their clubhouse and front office, trades that have already happened, what they think will happen in the next few days, some big injury news with guys like Stephen Strasburg, the Mets possibly NOT signing Kumar Rocker, as well as Trea Turner and Christian Yelich coming down with Covid-19. They also jump into the Javy Baez- Amir Garrett feud which had us VERY entertained.

No better podcast in the world to listen to for your baseball news, this episode of Starting 9 breaks down everything involving the trade deadline and you can see it all on Youtube as well. You can actually watch Dallas have his breakdown over the Marte - Luzardo trade and also make sure to watch the guys giggle as they discuss how shitty the Mariners front office is, give the guys a thumbs up while you're there as well. Buckle up boys, gonna be a fun deadline!