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Sometimes I Wish I Had A Lawn To Mow

So on today's show we recap the 3M and talk about the Olympics and where we rank a gold medal in golf against majors and regular Tour events. We talk about Louis Oosthuizen being a few shots away from being an all time great Bryson and Rahm;s exit from the Olympics due to COVID. But another thing we talked about was mowing lawns. Frankie Borrelli revealed that he has never mowed a lawn in his life and Riggs and I took that opportunity to explain to young Frankie Borrelli just how therapeutic and borderline meditative it is to mow a lawn. I grew up mowing lawns all the time and to be quite honest I miss it. I say that now as a guy who has an apartment in NYC and I probably wouldn't love a lawn if I were required to mow it every week or every couple weeks, but I still miss it sometimes. It's a task where the goal is clear and you can kinda zone out and enjoy yourself as you're doing it. Not to mention there's nothing like a pristine, freshly mowed lawn. Maybe one day.




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