Even NBA Champion Pat Connaughton Is in Awe of What Giannis Antetokounmpo Can Accomplish on the Basketball Court

On today's Pardon My Take... PAT CONNAUGHTON! The NBA Champion joined today's show less than a week removed from the Milwaukee Bucks winning it all to discuss what the road to the title was like, his baseball career, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and much more. Speaking of the Greek Freak, it is no secret that he is an unbelievable athlete. He's so good on the court that even his teammate in Connaughton is fascinated by what No. 34 in green and white can do. Let's zone in on the block against DeAndre Ayton, that led to a crazy reaction from the Notre Dame grad.

Mr. Cat: I think this is why people like our show, because we ask these kind of dumb questions. So, have you ever found yourself in a playoff game, in a regular game, being caught being like, "Holy shit, what Giannis did was so cool" and didn't get back quick enough or kind of get caught? Because we're watching it and our mouths are on the floor with some of the blocks, some of the dunks. Has that ever happened where you were maybe like a split second, you didn't get back fast enough or, you know, you lingered a little too long because he did something so incredible?

Pat Connaughton: Yeah, I got a perfect one for you. There's a picture of it, where if you zoom in on my face, you see me like, it's the block he had versus DeAndre Ayton in Game Three or Four, I believe, that was at the end of the game, that was incredible. The rebound was supposed to come right to me. If you watch the film, it was coming right to me. I didn't move. Thank God PJ Tucker was still in like his self mind. hey threw the lob, I thought it was done. I thought he had it, and Giannis comes from nowhere and pins it off the glass, hits it off the glass and it took me a split second to jump back to it. By that time, PJ already grabbed the rebound, so we were good.

Mr. Cat: I'm watching this, and it's very, very small. So, you're harder on yourself than in reality right there. But you can see your body relax for a split second. I think you would have gotten it anyway, because PJ Tucker kind of stole it from you. But that's so funny that it's that block, because I watched it a million times being like, "How the fuck did he recover and get that high and block it at that level?" 

Pat Connaughton: If you saw the picture from like, it's got to be underneath the backboard or behind the backboard in the glass or whatever it is, it's a picture of him doing it and it's at the time of the block, or like right after. And the still frame, if you zoom in, that's where you see me like (moth open), and it's a quick second.

It must be wild to share a NBA court with a bunch of professionals. It must be even wilder to share a NBA court with Giannis Antetokounmpo. We will always remember the 2021 NBA Finals as the series of the Greek Freak (and, of course, Pat Connaughton's reaction).