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Danielle Kang Originally Wanted To Go To The Olympics As A Fighter But Accidentally Got So Good At Golf Because She Wanted To Beat Her Brother

It is officially Olympic Szn and of course we have to throw a female Olympian into our guest list on the pod. On the newest Token, we welcome first-time Olympian, golfer, and overall badass, Danielle Kang. She's a firecracker. She took this interview from her car while at a hockey camp & she might even swear more than Erika does. She talks all about what it's been like prepping for the Olympics, how she got here, punching people in the face, finding a caddy that won't quit, and so much more. Fun fact: Danielle Kang didn't know she'd ever want to be a golfer -  she started thinking she'd get to the Olympics as a fighter, but then was SO competitive that she wanted to kick her brother's ass in golf and accidentally became an unreal golfer.

Erika also covers some of the biggest stories leading up to the Olympics on the episode & breaks down the idea of an office dress-code and how to dress for the office you're in. Watch, listen, and get all things Token CEO here: